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SAT / ACT Test Prep Course Teachers

SAT & ACT Test Prep Classes In Marion MA - Serving South Coast / Southeastern MA, Boston South, & Cape Cod

Steve Sughrue - B.A., Bates College; M.A.L.S., Dartmouth College

Steve is a veteran teacher at Tabor Academy who has taught algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus and statistics - both regular and AP - over twenty years.

He has taught test preparation at both the Taft School and at Tabor and has tutored math extensively.

Steve Sughrue - South Coast Test Prep, Marion MA

Helene Sughrue - B.A., Connecticut College; M.A., University of New Hampshire

A teacher with over twenty years of experience, Helene has taught English at the Bancroft School, Friends Academy, and Tabor Academy.

In addition to tutoring students individually in test preparation, she has taught test prep at Sylvan Learning Center and at Tabor Academy.

Helene Sughrue - South Coast Test Prep, Marion MA