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South Coast Test Prep, Marion, MA

Student Testimonials & Reviews

Summer SAT & ACT Test Prep Classes in Marion, MA - Preparing students from South Coast MA, Boston, South Shore, & Cape Cod

South Coast Test Prep, Marion, MA

"I learned a lot and now I feel very confident and comfortable taking the test in October."

-Kaitlin F.

"I really enjoyed the comfortable environment. Taking the practice tests really helped me to develop my own plan and it also brought all of my scores up..."

-Spencer Z.

"I found it very effective in gaining experience taking these tests."

-Eric F.

"It really does help SAT scores go up; the results show it. And this class helped me get ready for pre-calculus, too."

-Nick P.

"It was a great experience and a whole lot of fun. I learned a lot."

-William K.

"My son has benefited from you both and has said your class has really helped him improve his testing ability as well given some knowledge he didn't have. What more could you ask for?"

-Anna K., Parent