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College Essay Coaching

Summer SAT & ACT Test Prep Classes in Marion, MA - Preparing students from South Coast MA, Boston, South Shore, & Cape Cod

College Essay Coaching - South Coast Test Prep, Marion, MA

Your college essays are prime real estate: the space for you to show everything about yourself that does not appear in the rest of your application. Here you establish your voice–and let the Admissions Committee see what makes you uniquely you.

But…you are also doing homework, participating in co-curricular activities, working an afterschool job, and doing chores at home. As a parent, I say that last one optimistically–but, both as a parent and as a high school teacher, I say all with the understanding that your senior fall is busy and rushed. You may not have the time to experiment until you find the approaches that will help you refine your essay, let alone the time to ponder the questions to ask to help you discover your own voice.

In the three decades I have taught high school English, coaching students through their college essays—helping them find their voices and express themselves honestly and authentically—has become one of my favorite roles as a teacher.

If you do not know where to start or if you would like feedback on the essays that you have already finished before you press "Submit," I can guide you on your way to writing effective essays that will allow Admissions Committees to see the rest of your story, beyond your transcript, teacher recommendations, and brag sheets.


Fees: $100 per hour. Typically, a student needs 2-4 sessions for a cycle of essays.

Times: Please email me at to schedule a time.

Summer availability: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.

School year availability: Tuesday evenings, Saturdays. Other times may be available.


Will you write my essay for me?


First, that would be unethical.

Second, I am not you–and therefore cannot express myself as you. Colleges want to know you, not me. Admissions Committees are smart: They know the difference between a parent’s voice and a student’s voice; between a coach’s voice and a student’s voice; between a hired writer’s voice and a student’s voice. Why risk your integrity? Why miss out on the opportunity to show your true self?

Third, I have already written my own college essays and applied to college. Now, it’s your turn.

Will you proofread my essay?

Yes–but I am not your copy editor. You are your copy editor. I will show you how to correct your errors, but then you are responsible for correcting them. If you still feel stuck, I will happily talk you through the corrections, but not make them.

Will you fact-check my essay?

Only you can fact-check your essay because you will be writing from your own perspective about your own experiences.

Can you help me get started?

Yes! I can ask you questions and give you writing prompts that might turn into an essay. We can look at models and exemplars for inspiration.

Can you guarantee that my essay will get me into the college of my choice?

I cannot guarantee that–and no one else can, either. I can give you honest feedback. I can ensure that the writing will be yours, not mine. I can encourage you to express your true self in all your writing.